Asset Management

Create a digital repository for all your equipment and physical assets with location, sub-assets and parts.

Track downtime, maintenance history, updates and costs using AssetFit's Asset Management software. Run safety and financial audit reports and track depreciation of your assets.

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Extremely easy asset management module with awesome features.

Upload all assets in single click

Use our excel templates to upload thousands of assets, sub-assets & their part details. Attach their PM schedules, checklists & generate QR codes.

Get maintenance and work history

Check previous maintenance performed and their observation before starting a new work. Analyze total maintenance cost and time consumed.

Store asset related documents

Store original design documents, operating procedures, as-built and layout plans with the assets. Share with technicians for performing work.

Track downtime & update status

Easily report an asset as non-operational. Submit work order. Update asset as operational after repair. AssetFit calculates resolution & downtime.

Generate performance reports

Know when maintenance cost exceeds asset's value. Find out residual asset life, time between failure and time to repair.

Track warranties and depreciation

Know the depreciated asset value in the app to decide on selling vs repair. Quickly identify which assets are covered under warranty & expiry dates.


Asset management tailored for your specific needs

Our asset management solution is useful for

Facility Managers

Digitally store information on lighting, HVAC & other assets in your facility. Get residual value & decide to upgrade or repair.

Maintenance Managers

View all machine documents & history of maintenance performed. Check warranty status & extend before expiry.

Business Owners

Perform financial & safety audit on all assets. Avoid costly expenses by checking warranty status & depreciated value.

Property Managers

Access histories of inspections, repairs, photos & all other work carried out on property assets. Easily decide upgrade vs repair.

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