Create work order

October 21, 2019 in Product Guide

Create work order

AssetFit users can easily create maintenance work orders / tasks using our web application. There are two types of maintenance activities : preventive and reactive. Preventive maintenance work orders are recurring in nature with a defined frequency (Daily, Weekly, Monthly etc.). Reactive work orders are not recurring and one time activities.

How to create a work order

1.On the Work Orders page, click on + New Work Order

2. Enter in the work order Title

3. Write down the work order Description for technicians to understand better

4. Assign a Priority to the work activity

5. If the work activity is recurring in nature (Preventive Maintenance), provide a frequency in 5. Recurrence Type

6. Assign a Category to the work activity

7. Estimated Duration to complete the work can be entered

8. Assign the work to a team member by clicking on Assigned To

9. Work order can also be assigned to a Team

10. Select a Location from drop down list

11. Select an Asset/Machine from drop down list

12. Attach a Checklist which can be filled up while carrying out the work activity

13. Attach Files that can be referred by team members

14 Click on the Submit button to create work order

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