Create Checklist

October 21, 2019 in Product Guide

Create Checklist

A checklist is a list of items you need to verify or check or inspect. Using preventive maintenance checklists is crucial for successful maintenance programs. Our checklist module is very easy to use and helps you create a digital checklist within a minute.

Create a Checklist

1.Go to Checklists tab and click on + New Checklist

2. Assign a unique identifiable name to the checklist

3. Click on Add New Item to start creating the list

4. Provide a checklist Item Name which is clear and easy to understand for technicians. Item name could be a check, inspection or instruction to take reading.

5. Select an Item Type from the following

a. Text : Users can take notes, record remarks or observations using text field

b. Number : Take manual reading, record numbers or track count

c. Multiple choice : Custom check items, levels can be defined. For example, if the item name is ‘check refrigerant level’ , multiple choices could be ‘High, Medium, Low)

d. Task : If the checklist item is a task, it’s progress can be tracked using this field. There are four different fields available ‘ Open, On hold, In progress, Closed

e. Check : Inspection items can be created using check option. Technician can select one of the three options ‘ Pass, Fail, Flag

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