Maintenance Checklists

Create easy to fill checklists for regular inspections, preventive maintenance tasks and walkthroughs. Attach to any work order.

Include pre-made features such as checks, meter readings, operator text observations or photos. Set approval levels. Capture all information digitally without any paperwork.

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So Easy, So Powerful

It's really easy to create awesome checklists for maintenance activities.

Customizable Checklists

Use our form builder to build custom checklist or select from our templates. Easier to use than paper based checklists.

Enable technicians to record anything

Create fields for capturing status (Pass/Fail), written observations, numbers & meter readings. Take photos and attach them to checklists.

Create one-time checklists

Quickly add individual checklist items to work orders which do not have a pre-configured checklist. No hassle.

Create safety related checklists

Create checklists with safety procedures and interlocks. Digitally perform lockout-tagout of equipment.

Check off the list from mobile

No more ticking off on paper and then scanning them to upload on PC. Complete checks on the go with a single tap and record forever.

Audit, approve and sign-off

Check responses and filled details of checklists. Approve from anywhere and easily sign-off the checklist to close work order.


Checklists tailored for your specific needs

AssetFit's maintenance checklists are useful for

Facility Managers

Create checklists for regular floor inspections, cleaning, lighting & HVAC. Create digital log-books for recording data

Maintenance Managers

Attach equipment PM checklists to work orders. Create safety & lock-out tag-out procedures. Know checklist compliance

Business Owners

Create checklists for any work. Audit checklists and approve. Enable safe working conditions with safety procedure checklists

Property Managers

Create checklists for move-in & move-out inspections & maintenance. Use for cleaning, janitorial & other teams

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