PM Scheduling

Upgrade your maintenance from reactive and breakdown based to preventative and schedule based using AssetFit's preventive maintenance software.

Use PM calendar for tracking upcoming PMs and plan for necessary resources. Attach checklists for technicians to fill in and manuals to the PM work orders.

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Keep your assets fit with our easy to schedule and manage PM module.

Setup calendar based PMs

Create PM work orders that automatically repeat after a fixed duration (weekly, monthly, yearly). Easily reschedule and never miss a PM again

Setup runtime based PMs

Configure PM work orders that automatically repeat based on machine runtime, cycles of operation or any unit of measurement

Attach checklist & manuals

Create customized checklists for routine inspections, meter readings & safety checks. Attach them to any PM along with manuals & SOP

Get reports on PM & compliance

Generate compliance reports on PM schedule and costs for audit. View missed PMs and assess performance by team, asset and location.

Track spares & inventory specific to PM

Never run out of spares & inventory for PM with AssetFit's inventory management. Get alerted when stock goes below minimum quantity.

Close PMs on the spot

Enable technicians to fill checklists while working and log details of work before closing the PM right from the field.


Preventative Maintenance tailored for your specific needs

Our preventive maintenance solutions are useful for

Facility Managers

Automate scheduled inspections and HVAC maintenance in the facility. Complete the job on the go.

Maintenance Managers

Automate run-time based or periodic inspection. Plan for resources for upcoming PM & reduce downtime.

Business owners

Avoid costly breakdown by automating periodic inspections & repairs. Be informed of PM compliance.

Property Managers

Increase occupant satisfaction and reduce breakdowns by automating inspections. Avoid costly last-minute repairs.

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