Work Orders

Manage all work orders of breakdown repairs, PMs or regular inspections using AssetFit's easy to use work order software.

Create work orders directly from your mobile or web application with the required details for technicians to carry out repairs. Assign priority and track progress from anywhere.

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So Easy, So Powerful

It's really easy to create a work order for your awesome maintenance team.

Easily find a work order

View all work orders from a list or calendar format. Filter work orders by location, assigned technician, due date, status or priority level.

Create recurring & reactive WO

Create work orders whenever needed for any unscheduled maintenance or inspection. Or make them repeatable based on date.

Track time and costs

Add parts consumed, duration and other costs to work orders. Get reports on schedule compliance, cost analysis & maintenance performance.

Push notifications

AssetFit's mobile app (Android & iOS) notifies technicians when they are assigned a task. Receive updates when a task is put on hold or closed.

Collaborate with vendors

Assign vendors and 3rd party service providers to work order. Everyone can collaborate on work assigned to them. Track vendor performance & SLA.

Close from anywhere

Technicians can close work orders immediately from site upon completion of work. Set appropriate approval levels for closure of tasks.


Maintenance tailored for your specific needs

Our work order solutions are useful for

Facility Managers

Create and assign work orders for any equipment in any location, floor or area. Collaborate with contractors.

Maintenance Managers

Easily handle equipment breakdowns and scheduled maintenance. See all work orders on an asset

Business Owners

Avoid delays in maintenance and information loss. Assign work orders to internal teams or maintenance contractors.

Property Managers

Keep your property running by generating work orders on tenant requests. Check work by property, floor or rooms.

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