Work Requests

Give anyone the ability to report an issue or request a work through the mobile app or your custom web page.

Provide instantaneous response by creating a work order on the request & assigning it to the correct technician. Get requests from multiple sources in a single page.

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So Easy, So Powerful

It's really easy to submit a request for work to your awesome maintenance team.

Easily manage work requests

See all pending work requests in a single view and filter by time or location. Edit the request before approving to create a work order.

Create your online request portal

Enable people outside your team to report issues and submit requests using your customized and branded request portal.

Simply click a picture

Requesters can click a picture of the issue to create a work request directly from their mobile phones using the AssetFit app.

Reduce steps & information loss

Replace calls, texts and other temporary form of problem reporting with a single click request submission form.

Approve from anywhere

Reduce time to action by approving requests on the go. Create work orders as requests come rather than creating them it in fixed batches.

Automate your workflow

Automatically assign work orders from the requests to specific technicians based on the location of work or type of issue.


Maintenance tailored for your specific needs

Our requesting solutions are useful for

Facility Managers

Allow occupants to submit a work request directly from their place. Assign correct technician to the job.

Maintenance Managers

Let machine operators report issues and request for corrective action directly from the shop floor.

Business Owners

Empower anyone in your business to submit a work request so that tasks are reported & completed on time.

Property Managers

Make anyone a requester including your cleaning staff, service team and engineers. Assign quickly to right team.

Empower your maintenance today.
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